An approach to hosting an almost unlimited number of web applications on one VPS server instance – for pennies

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As a largely self-taught full-stack developer, handling my own small-scale DevOps has been part and parcel of my daily work, especially for personal projects. I always have a few ideas floating around that need testing, as well as portfolio pieces to show potential employers, not to mention my personal website. But since I’m usually pretty broke, and each site gets minimal (if any) visitors, a dedicated VPS for each site would be insanity.

In this article, I’m going to show you…

In the previous article, we walked through the creation of a JWT authentication system using the django-rest-framework and dj-rest-auth libraries. In this article, we’ll explore how to communicate with this backend from a decoupled frontend. Some prior knowledge is assumed of:

  • A frontend framework like Vue or React
  • The use of a client like @vue/cli or Nuxt for serving the frontend app
  • State management tools (like Vuex or Redux)
  • The Axios http client

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Last time, we created a solid backend for JWT using Django. One might be forgiven for thinking that…

This article walks through the implementation of JWT authentication using a Django backend with an independent frontend, such as React or Vue. Since this topic is at a more intermediate level, a little knowledge of the following is assumed:

  • Django
  • Django Rest Framework

If you’d like to jump straight to Part 2 (all things Frontend) click here.

JWT Authentication, a controversial topic?

Authentication (along with its little brother, authorization) is an essential component of the modern web. That’s why I was so surprised to find such controversy still existing around it. …

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